Culture Club Kuching and the Rainforest World Music Festival

Culture Club Kuching has joined to be partners of the Rainforest World Music Festival when they become a Diamond Sponsor for the 20th edition of the festival

The Club contributed RM50, 000.00   besides providing the official venue for the Festival’s preview shows at the Culture Club Kuching bar at Jalan Green Hill.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with Sarawak Tourism for the Rainforest World Music Festival, as this is in line with our aspirations of  moving into the modern era and bringing with us  our tradition,” said Dato’ Sri Ho Kim Hee, the Club’s Director.

In providing an official venue for nightly cultural and ethnic performances, the Culture Club Kuching has found success among local and international audiences alike.

The festival will be held at the Sarawak Cultural Village on July 14 to 16.

Picture shows Dato Sri Ho (centre) presenting the mock cheque to the representative of the Sarawak Tourism Board, organisers of the Rainforest World Music Festival.
Picture shows Dato Sri Ho (centre) presenting the mock cheque to the representative of the Sarawak Tourism Board, organisers of the Rainforest World Music Festival.

Kuching’s Upside Down House

The Upside Down House at Jalan Borneo is a new uncanny attraction in Kuching, which has an entire gallery of a living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, children bedroom and a home office on the ceiling, making for strange photo opportunities.

This is phase one of the project, with phase two including optical illusion art, set to be complete in four or five months’ time.

Tickets for foreign adult and child are priced at RM20 and RM15, respectively. Meanwhile the ticket price for a Malaysian (MyKad holder) is RM15 per adult, and RM10 per child, with a promotional price of RM12 per adult and RM8 per child up until the second phase of the project is complete. The promotion runs till the second phase of the project.

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Image taken at the Kuching Upside Down House. Photo Credit: Wong Tong Wei
Image taken at the Kuching Upside Down House. Photo Credit: Wong Tong Wei

Borneo Jazz Bands

Borneo Jazz will be taking place this May 12 t0 13 at ParkCity Everly Hotel, Miri, and is bursting at the seams with local and international bands.

Malaysian bands Michael Simon’s Asian Connection, with legendary Malaysian pianist Michael Veerapen in the band, as well as Fluoroscent Collective with band members from all over the world. From Asia, the line-up includes Idang Rasjidi Syndicate from Indonesia and Osaka Monaurail from Japan.

Cabocuba Jazz from Netherlands, Delgres from Guadoloupe and France, the Cape Jazz Band from South Africa and Laila Biali from Canada, are all signed up for the Festival.

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The Future of Sibu Sentral

Sibu Sentral’s concept plans have been unveiled, revealing exciting designs based on Kuching Central Bus Terminal and Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2 (KLIA2).

The integrated hub is located on a 9.36-acre site at Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce Road, close to entertainment and public areas such as Farley and Sing Kong Commercial Centre, Kpg. Sentosa, Sibu General Hospital and Sibu Regional Wharf.

Sandwiched within the central region between Kuching and Miri, Sibu welcomes commuters from the rest of Sarawak as well as neighbouring countries such as Brunei and Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Sibu Sentral will include 200 units for residential apartments and a 171-roomed, 3-star hotel for those in transit, while the terminal area will also include a hypermarket, department stores, entertainment and food outlets.

Image shows concept art of Sibu Sentral. Photo Credit: Sibu City Council


Busy February for Sarawak Tourism

Sarawak Tourism will have a February as its officers will attend the Flight Centre Travel Expo 2017 in Sydney and Melbourne as well the TTC Travel Mart in Jakarta and Surabaya.

Having recently attended the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) in Singapore this January, Sarawak Tourism is showing a sustained interest in its closest and largest markets, namely Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

The Flight Centre Travel Expo 2017 takes place on February 4 to 12 and is a consumer travel expo where tourism industry sellers meet with potential customers, where Sarawak Tourism can encourage travel and increase awareness of Sarawak as a tourist destination.

The TTC Travel Mart takes place on February 20 to 22, and is a B2B event where international tour industry sellers can meet with local buyers to discuss new business ventures.

Sarawak Tourism has many other travel fairs lined up for the year 2017.

Image shows Sarawak Tourism industry partners at ASEAN Tourism Forum, the first Travel Fair of 2017.
Image shows Sarawak Tourism industry partners at ASEAN Tourism Forum, the first Travel Fair of 2017.

3D Art Display at Borneo House Museum

The Borneo House Museum interactive 3D Art Display is now officially opened.

The museum showcases Sarawak’s nature, culture, heritage and food in a new and interactive way providing an experience.

The museum comprises four Zones; Sarawak’s Nature, Old Sarawak, Sarawak Today and Sarawak’s Iconic Food.   

All the murals, art pieces and displays are a combined effort of Sarawakian artists, some of whom have direct connections to the history they are recreating in the museum.

Plans are underway to extend the museum to include more extensive historical displays from the Brooke and World War Two eras.

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Image shows tourist at the interactive Borneo House Museum. Photo Credit: Henerita Saran
Image shows tourist at the interactive Borneo House Museum. Photo Credit: Henerita Saran

Chinese Relics Unearthed Near Kuching Waterfront

A construction crew discovered a treasure trove of relics during routine construction on the drainage system just outside of the Waterfront Police Station at Jalan Khoo Yeag.

The Chinese potteries are believed to be roughly 200 years old, and Sarawak Museum Department Deputy Director, Dr. Charles Leh Moi Ung has stated that they believe the items are from the Qing Dynasty era, though further examination is needed to determine that for sure.

The discovery has surprised local historians as the area was believed to be an untouched mangrove forest during that time, and are now looking into the possibility of early Chinese civilizations in that area of Kuching.

The pieces of potteries are currently being researched and kept at the Sarawak Museum.



Kuching Heritage Race

A seven day state of mourning has been announced throughout Sarawak, and out of respect of the late Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Satem, events such as the Monster Dash and the Kuching Heritage Race have been postponed to a later date.


Miri Country Music Fest

February 25 fast approaches, as the Miri Country Music Festival (MCMF) returns for another epic installment.

Featuring international names like Shane Smith & The Saints and The Strange Pilgrim, as well as local country bands such as the Mountain Wind and Country Road, it’s a fiesta for the country music enthusiasts.

The MCMF has become part and parcel with Miri’s local communities, with entire families coming down and making a day of it for two days, enjoying the food, games and music.

This year’s MCMF will be taking place on February 25 and 26, at the ParkCity Everly Hotel, the same location of the 12th Borneo Jazz Festival on May 12 and 13.

Photo Credit: Place Borneo Sdn Bhd
Photo Credit: Place Borneo Sdn Bhd

Visit Sibu Year 2017

This year rings in the new Visit Sibu Year initiative which was launched in March 2016.

Sibu has many hidden attractions, the most popular of which is the food trail that begins at the large fresh market in the centre of town and weaves through backroads to the next delicacy, with the Sibu Street Art marking the way.

The Sibu Street Art peppered throughout the town, display the significant moments in Sibu’s history as well as significant foods and art within the town, depicting its cultural heritage.

The Borneo Cultural Festival in July as well as the sixth Sibu International Dance Festival in August, display the cultural and ethnic diversity that can be found in Sibu, while also encouraging the preservation of those cultures.

Sibu is less than an hour from some of the oldest longhouse communities in Sarawak, with various competitive races throughout the year including remote control boat racing, as well as the Sibu Bike Week which has brought big bikers from around the world to careen the streets of Sibu.

A unique mix of people, lifestyles and attractions, Sibu is definitely a must-visit in 2017.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Wikipedia