Sarawak Crafts Festival

The Sarawak Craft Festival has brought 100 craft entrepreneurs from throughout the country to the banks of the Sarawak River, from October 26 to November 4.

There are 82 entrepreneurs participating from Sarawak, in addition to eight participants from Sabah, one from Terengganu, three from Kelantan, two from Selangor, one from Melaka, one from Perak and three from Negeri Sembilan.

This festival is being held in conjunction with the Kuching Waterfront Festival 2018, and coincides with the International Dragon Boat Race (October 26-28) and the Sarawak Regatta (November 2-4), which is also being held at the Kuching Waterfront.

Some of the wares on sale include textiles, jungle produce, ceramics, beadwork, accessories, metals and various other crafts.

The Sarawak Craft Festival aims to encourage Malaysians, especially the youth, to appreciate and use locally-made craft products as part of their lifestyle.

Craftswomen weaving textiles and baskets, and beading accessories.
Craftswomen weaving textiles and baskets, and beading accessories.

RWMF at WOMEX in Spain

Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) participated in the 24th edition of Womex – The World Music Expo at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain from Oct 24–28.

With such a positive enquiries from international bands and artistes, it comes as no surprise that Sarawak can become a key market to music lovers all over the world”, said STB Events and Corporate Relations director Angelina Bateman.

Attending the event with the RWMF organising staff were award-winning Sarawak band and two-time RWMF star group, Nading Rhapsody, who are known for their blend of traditional and contemporary Sarawak music.

Represented by Royston Kulleh and Azhfar Raimi, Nading Rhapsody hoped to gain as much international  experience as possible from this renowned world music expo.

“Attending Womex is a big step for us and an opportunity to promote the unique music from Sarawak,” said Royston Kulleh. He and Azhfar Raimi represented Nading Rhapsody at the expo.

RWMF has garnered international recognition in the 21 years it has been held, with over 20,000 festival goers attending in 2018

The Sarawak Tourism Board believes in giving Sarawakian music artistes opportunities to perform at an international level as RWMF continues to bring in global music audience, as well as facilitating their presence in the international world music scene.

“STB provides an avenue for representatives to attend this international event with us and promote themselves on the international music scene, in the hope that they would be able to perform on  their own at international events outside Malaysia and prove that Sarawak has something unique to offer in terms of music and culture,” said Angelina Bateman, STB Director of Events and Corporate Services, as well as organising director of the RWMF.

Womex which has travelled all over Europe since 1994 is recognised as the most important international professional market of world music.


Museums and Galleries in Kuching

While the Sarawak Museum is under renovation and the Sarawak Museum Campus and Heritage Trail is being constructed, there are still plenty of other museums and galleries that you can visit in Kuching. In fact, there are 11 of them.

The Urang Sarawak Gallery located at the Sarawak Art Museum next to the closed Sarawak Museum building displays the rich religious, cultural and historical heritage of the Chinese, Malay, Dayak and Orang Ulu people of Sarawak.

The Chinese History Museum at the Kuching Waterfront and the Islamic Heritage Museum at Jalan P. Ramlee, display the heritage of the Chinese and Malay communities in Sarawak respectively. 

The Textile Museum showcases authentic textiles made by the main ethnic communities of Sarawak, with the Tun Jugah Pua Kumbu Museum at Tun Jugah Tower focusing on the textiles of the Iban people.

Within the Textile Museum, you can find the Treasures from Nusantara Gallery, displaying 30 Bornean historic artefacts.

There are many more galleries within the city, some focusing on the history of women in the state or the lives of the Brookes, and even a museum focused on all things feline. Read more here…

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

Sarawak to Host 23rd Asian Television Award

Sarawak is hosting the 23rd Asian Television Awards at the Borneo Convention Centre (BCCK) from January 11 to 13, 2019.

The event recognises and awards excellence within the Asian film and television industry from across 43 categories, ranging from performances to production and programming, bringing together over 500 delegates from across Asia.

The three day event will feature a Gala Night on the first night and a Red Carpet and Performance Award Presentation on the second night, at the BCCK.

The final day will feature a public concert to be held at the Amphitheatre at Jalan Budaya.


Darul Hana Musical Fountain comes alive

The Darul Hana Musical Fountain at the Kuching Waterfront was launched on October 14th in conjunction with the 82nd birthday celebration of His Excellency the Governor of Sarawak.

The musical fountain features a flashy display of water performances accompanied by a neon light show and music lasting 15 minutes at a time.

The twice-daily fountain shows take place at 8.30pm to 8.45pm and 10.00pm to 10.15pm, and is now another attraction to the Kuching waterfront.

Other attractions include the Darul Hana Bridge, the Dewan Undangan Negeri complex as well as the cobblestone walkway, food stalls and the busking sessions held over the weekends along the serene waterfront area.

For more updates on the attractions at the Kuching Waterfront, visit:

View of the fountains from Waterfront Hotel. Photo Credit: The Waterfront Hotel
View of the fountains from Waterfront Hotel. Photo Credit: The Waterfront Hotel

7th Japan Film Festival in Kuching

The 7th edition of the Japan Film Festival in Kuching (and 15th edition of the Festival in Malaysia) is coming on October 4 to 7 to GSC CityONE Megamall.

Featuring 12 Japanese films of mixed genres, among others, romantic comedy, suspense youth drama, documentary and features lining up an exciting evening activity for the weekend.

The Festival is hosted by the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) for over a decade with the objective of developing a mutual understanding between the Japanese and the people of Sarawak people film and to increase interest in Japanese films in the ASEAN region.

The JFKL has also facilitated and supported the exchange of personnel and experts who work in the fields of Arts, Culture, Humanities and Social Sciences between Japan and ASEAN countries.

For more information on the movies being screened, visit


Sarawakian Larissa Ping Crowned Miss World Malaysia

Miss World Malaysia 2018 has been crowned and   the coveted title was won by a 19 year-old Sarawakian, Larissa Ping.

Crowned runner up was another Sarawakian, Naomi Sim, aged 26.

Larissa will also move to the international stage to represent Malaysia at the 68th Miss World 2018 in Sanya, China on December 8.

The newly-minted Miss World Malaysia will now take up the additional mantle as Sarawak Tourism Ambassador for 2019, in line with the ‘Visit Sarawak Campaign’.

Successful time for Sarawak at TIE Sydney

The Sarawak Tourism Board participated in the Travel Industry Exhibition (TIE) in Sydney, Australia on August 22, resulting in a successful networking opportunities and interactions with potential Aussie buyers on Sarawak’s new tourism destination.

“We have had the most fruitful time out of this unique opportunity at TIE  meeting travel industry partners in Australia and showcasing our unique experiences of Sibu and Sarawak in general”, says Ling How Kang of  Sibu based Greatown Travel.

Prior to the event, the delegation has also visited Malaysia Airlines’ Sydney office and Tourism Malaysia Sydney and held discussion centred on key challenges to improve visitors experience and air-connectivity.

 The very least that can be done  was to make the travel journey comfortable through reduction of  transit and waiting time which is one of the important key elements in ensuring the best travel experience to Sarawak.

 Sarawak has received persistent demand from Australian travellers despite the lack of direct flights but visitors’ arrivals from Australia are growing.


Visitors from China and Singapore increase in 2018

The numbers are out, and the first five months of 2018 have shown an uptick of 20.2% arrivals from China and 15.8% from Singapore.

The Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman, attributed this increase on the Kuching-Shenzen direct route that began in December 2017.

19,641 visitors arrived from China and 17,856 from Singapore, with overall visitor arrivals at this period totalling at 1.75 million.

The Ministry is targeting 4.5mil visitor arrivals and expecting RM8.05bil in tourism receipts this year, and will continue to ensure sustained growth to the tourism industry as they embark on the Visit Sarawak Campaign that will be launched at the end of the year.

Alta Moda Sarawak Redefining Borneo’s Fashion

The inaugural Alta Moda Sarawak 2018 is set to redefine Sarawak as the next Fashion Capital of Borneo, featuring an array of Sarawak Fashion designers showcasing their designs on rich and vibrant cultures of the State

To be held from 25 to 27 October at the State Legislative Assembly, it will be opened from 6.00pm to 11.00 pm featuring promising and established designers from Borneo and the rest if Malaysa.

“Alta Moda Sarawak is a brand platform for Sarawak designers to come together to showcase their talents and creations in the fields of arts, culture and crafts,” said its Chairperson Datin Esther Mujan Balan told a press conference here yesterday.

The event is expected to provide insight into the domestic and international opportunities in the fashion industry in Sarawak, through diversified programmes and activities that have been planned with the participation and support from local fashionistas, fashion interest groups, celebrities, VVIPs, associate partners and the media.

Around 1,500 guests are expected to be attending the programmes, which will be officiated at by Minister of by Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

Among the designers were Paris-based Aaron Von Jolly and Dato Raymond Jolly of the internationally acclaimed Von Jolly Couture, Paul Carling, Wan Bynun, Anna Sue, Ben Nazry, Gavroche by Arzmy Hargreaves, Keith Sim, Noraini Salleh as well as fashion students from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

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