Successful time for Sarawak at TIE Sydney

The Sarawak Tourism Board participated in the Travel Industry Exhibition (TIE) in Sydney, Australia on August 22, resulting in a successful networking opportunities and interactions with potential Aussie buyers on Sarawak’s new tourism destination.

“We have had the most fruitful time out of this unique opportunity at TIE  meeting travel industry partners in Australia and showcasing our unique experiences of Sibu and Sarawak in general”, says Ling How Kang of  Sibu based Greatown Travel.

Prior to the event, the delegation has also visited Malaysia Airlines’ Sydney office and Tourism Malaysia Sydney and held discussion centred on key challenges to improve visitors experience and air-connectivity.

 The very least that can be done  was to make the travel journey comfortable through reduction of  transit and waiting time which is one of the important key elements in ensuring the best travel experience to Sarawak.

 Sarawak has received persistent demand from Australian travellers despite the lack of direct flights but visitors’ arrivals from Australia are growing.


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