Borneo Talent Awards

November 23, 2018November 24, 2018

From November 23 to 24, the talented artistes of Sibu town will compete to identify the most talented performer around town.

Open to both Malaysians and foreigners with no age limit, this talent competition showcases an array of talent, from singing, dancing, acrobatics, pantomimes and many other performing arts both traditional and modern.

This event is organised by the Sibu Municipal Council with the intent to explore and nurture the local talent of the local Sibu community.


Sarawak Regatta 2018

November 2- 4

The Sarawak Regatta will be held from November 2-4 this year, featuring 14 boat racing categories, 24 qualifying races and 12 finals.

This annual event is a grand show of sportsmanship and strength between many different villages from around Sarawak, as they row their 30-paddle longboats furiously down the Sarawak River to compete for the coveted ‘Raja Sungai’ title, in a tradition of healthy rivalry that has been alive since the Brooke era.

The significance of regattas in Sarawak dates back to 1872, when it was first held with the intention of stopping racial wars among local tribes due to the prevalent headhunting practices; a practice that had just been outlawed by the Brookes.

James Brooke had urged the tribes to challenge each other by having boat races to prove their power and strength, leading to this annual event that has been held ever since.

The regatta now includes participants from various government agencies, private sectors and teams from neighbouring countries of Indonesia and Brunei.


Sarawak International Dragon Boat Race

October 26-28

The Sarawak International Dragon Boat Race, one of the most significant annual sporting events in Sarawak, will bring together representatives from twelve different countries, with 29 teams of over 900 people participating.

The Dragon Boat Race which will be held along the Sarawak River will have five categories, namely the International Open’s 20 crew, International Open’s 12 crew, International Mixed 12 crew, International Ladies 12 crew and International Master 12 crew.

The total prize money for this year amounts to RM45,500.00,  while paddlers team are in it for the prestige  to be  crowned the “Raja Sungai”, or King of the River.

Apart from the Dragon Boat races, the Kuching waterfront itself becomes an event to behold, with local food and handicraft exhibitions and busking performances bringing the area to life.


Waterfront Night Live

29 September & 1-6, 12, 19-20 October

Kuching Waterfront’s nights will be coming alive weekly with the live performances during the Waterfront Night Live.

It is free entertainment for those who frequent Kuching’s waterfront and the performances will be held at the Godown Amphitheatre.

The live performances aim to expose and share the local talent with a diverse audience, as the waterfront area of Kuching is often teeming with both Kuchingites and tourists alike.

For more information on the performances, call Melissa at +6011 – 3154 5582


Padungan Food Safari

29 September to 28 October

 For a month, Padungan Street, Kuching’s Chinatown will come alive with food rich in history and flavour in the celebration of the Padungan Food Safari.

Visitors can now follow every steps at the Food Safari guided by culinary posters displayed at the entrances of the 60 participating food outlets along the street.

Take the challenge to sample each featured dish, ranging from local delicacies like kolo mee and Sarawak laksa to international fares like Japanese, Filipino and Western cuisine.

With each featured dish tried, visitors can collect stamps on a Food Safari Passport, available at any of the participating outlets, and redeem it in return with “What About Kuching” merchandise.

This Food Safari is held in conjunction with “What About Kuching 2018”, a month-long city-wide festival that promotes the art, culture and lifestyle of Kuching’s communities.

For more information, visit


Sarawak Adventure Challege

13 October 2018

With the theme “The Sacred Mountain,” the Sarawak Adventure Challenge is back for its second edition this year.

The duathlon adventure will  showcase some of Sarawak’s most stunning rainforests, rivers and trails, now including an Individual Mountainbike (MTB) Trail and individual Trail Run categories.

This year’s route covers spans 52km in the vicinity of Kuching and beginning at Singai in Bau, some 30km from Kuching, or a 45 minute’s drive.

For more information on the Sarawak Adventure Challenge, visit


What About Kuching

29 September to 28 October

What About Kuching 2018 (WAK2018) returned for the second year and is celebrated as a tribute to the spirit of Kuching’s art and cultural scenes.

With performances and art exhibitions, culinary events and cultural markets, this month-long events brings the city to life and sets the stage for Kuching artistes to show case their performances.

The multitude of educational exhibitions throughout the city also shines a light on the historical and cultural significance of the city folks, covering photography, museum exhibitions and bead and tattoo expos.

For more information, you can visit their website here or download the #WAK2018 Calendar here.


Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival

28-29 September 2018

The first of its kind outdoor jazz festival overlooking the majestic Sarawak River, the Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival is back for the second time this year.

14 regional and international bands and solo acts will grace the stage for the weekend bash.

Headlining the festival will be Indonesian, Tulus, Rolling Stone Indonesia’s Rookie of the Year 2013.

Sarawak-born singing sensation and award-winning singer, Dayang Nurfaizah will entertain jazz fans with her chart-topping hits songs.

For more information on tickets visit


Kuching International Mooncake Festival

The 17th Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival (KIMF) will take place from September 17 to 24, from 6.30 pm to 11pm along Carpenter Street and Ewe Hai Street in Downtown Kuching

Essentially a Chinese festival,  KIMF brings together participants from all races, cultures and walks of life to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, with  non-Chinese locals not only joining in as audiences and patrons, but as vendors and competition participants, showing Sarawak’s  inherent multicultural nature.

The Festival features food, music and cultural performances along a lantern-lit scenic street, one of Kuching’s oldest streets.

There will be a lantern-making competition for the KIMF at Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall on September 17, and the participants’ creations will be displayed as decorations for the duration of the festival. For more information on the lantern competition read here..

For updates on the festival, follow the event page here.

© Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival FB Page
© Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival FB Page

Sarawak Regatta

The Sarawak Regatta – Kuching Waterfront Festival 2018 will be held from Oct 26 to Nov 4, 2018 at Kuching Waterfront.

The regatta itself will take place along the 1.3 km of the Sarawak River along the Kuching Waterfront where the event will be surrounded by exciting local attractions like food and souvenir markets, cultural stage performances and water sports.

This annual event is a showcase of long boat races with participation from various government agencies, private sectors and also participants from villages and longhouses throughout Sarawak as well as boaters from neighbouring countries of Indonesia and Brunei.

The coveted grand prize of the event is the “Raja Sungai” or King of the River title, with teams of 30 paddlers cutting through the Sarawak River at breakneck speeds to see who will win the crown.

The Sarawak Regatta has been a significant annual event since 1872 during the era of James Brooke, when it was used as a method of stopping racial wars and headhunting through sportsmanship, using boat races to prove power and strength of the different longhouses folks instead of conducting battles among themselves.