Sarawak – More to Discover

The Sarawak Tourism Board is pleased to announce that the logo for the Visit Sarawak Campaign (VSC) has been officially launched in a series of campaigns held in Kuala Lumpur on October 16 and in Singapore on October 18.

Another launch will take place in London on November 6 and in Shenshen China in Mid December.

The campaign’s logo is vibrant yet simple, featuring notable designs  like the vine-like embellishment in the ‘S’, much like motives frequently used in the Orang Ulu crafts, the swirl in the ‘A’s as often seen in the Dayak ‘bunga terung’ design, as well as the hornbill in the centre of the logo, depicting Sarawak as ‘the Land of the Hornbill’. The various colours also hold various meaning, which can be read here.

The tagline ‘More to Discover’ expands on Sarawak’s existing brand for Culture, Adventure and Nature, Food and Festivals, encouraging visitors to go beyond what one usually expects from Sarawak; to venture off the beaten path and discover lesser known food and festivals, and to journey into Sarawak’s interior.

A promotional video is also available, resenting the journey visitors’ take when discovering Sarawak and the self-discovery that happens along the way. Watch the video here.

To find out more about what Sarawak has to offer, visit the landing page for the campaign here.


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