Baram Regatta

This year’s Baram Regatta will take place on August 25 to 27 and is expected to continue to attract both domestic and foreign participants.

The Regatta will take place at Batang Baram in Marudi, about 43km from Miri City in, Northern Sarawak.

The “Baram Open” race allows international and local participants to participate in racing down the Baram River.

Regaining some of its original provisions, the “Baram Closed” race is solely for the Baram folk to compete against each other, which traces the history of the Regatta from over 100 years ago.

The bi-annual event has been held since 1899, in conjunction with the Savage Peace Conference that led to peace among the different tribes and communities in the Baram area.

Participants in the Baram Regatta
Participants in the Baram Regatta

Sibu Lantern and Food Fair

The Lantern and Food Festival will take place on October 3 to 26, in homage to the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Sibu.

The Festival will feature a month of colourful lantern displays throughout the Town Square every night from 6:30pm to 11:30pm.

The Festival also includes a One Malaysia Food Fair features traditional local delicacies from the different races of Malaysia.

As the event aims to increase tourist arrivals to Sibu in conjunction with Visit Sibu Year 2017, it also aims to promote Chinese cultural appreciation.

The festival will also feature a lantern making contest, which includes prizes ranging from RM500 to RM5000 depending on skill, workmanship and intricacy of the lantern.

The event is organised by the Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) and is supported by the Sibu Municipal Council (SMC).

For more information, please contact Mdm Ling of SCCCI: 016-8554033 or visit the Visit Sibu Year website at

Sibu Town lit up with lanterns.
Sibu Town lit up with lanterns.


Sungai Semadang on the Map

Two Bidayuh villages along the Semadang River, Kampung Semadang and Kampung Danu, have acquired popularity for outdoor and water activites.

The two villages are located about 40km from Kuching City, the stretch of river has become known for its clear rivers, caves and forested areas as well as their abundance of fish, which attracts tourists interested in fishing, river and jungle activities.

Some of the major events in the Semadang region are the Bengoh Cultural Carnival, Padawan Raft Safari as well as the annual Semadang River [email protected] Festival.

Kampung Danu has participated in the Tagang System of fish conservation in certain stretches of Sungai Semadang where fishing is prohibited, except for once a year during the [email protected] Festival.

For more information on tourism activities in the Semadang area, visit Semadang Kayaking at

Kayakers enjoying the Semadang River
Kayakers enjoying the Semadang River


Fort Alice Wins Award for Restoration

Fort Alice’s restoration efforts recently won the Gold Award under the “Conservation” Category in Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) or Malaysia Institute of Architects’s 2017 Awards.

Arkitek JFN Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) were responsible for the restoration and completed the project under the direction of Mike Boon, previously President and founding member of the Sarawak Heritage Society, with advisory contributions from Dr. John Ting, an architecture historian.

The jury of the awards cited their decision on choosing Fort Alice because of the “attention to detail reflected in the restoration of this old fort is truly amazing while the effort made to engage the local community in helping to preserve history for future generations is just as impressive.”

Fort Alice, named after the second white Rajah, Charles Brooke’s wife Margaret Alice Lili de Windt, was built in 1864 and is located in Sri Aman, about 200km from Kuching.

Photo of Fort Alice entrance
Photo of Fort Alice entrance


April: Month of the Frog

April has become the month of the Frog for UNIMAS, as they will be holding six programmes for varying ages focusing on the awareness and conservation of Sarawak jungle frogs, from April 21 to 29, with the highlight event being the Sixth International Bornean Frog Race.

These programmes begin with the UNIMAS Frog Race Run on April and the Exhibition of the World’s Largest Collection of Amphibian Stamps on April 26 at the UNIMAS New Campus.

On April 27 there will be an Indo-Pacific Amphibian Symposium at UNIMAS’ DeTar Auditorium as well.

The Frog Races, beginning with the Junior Programme for primary school children secondary school children, take place on April 28 and 29 respectfully at Gunung Gading National Park, Lundu.

The Sixth International Bornean Frog Race takes place on April 29 at the Gunung Gading National Park and is open to 150 participants only.

For more information or to register for one of these programmes, visit

Image show small Bornean tree frog. Photo Credit: Michael Tsan and Sarawak Forestry
Image show small Bornean tree frog. Photo Credit: Michael Tsan and Sarawak Forestry

Kuching Rotary Charity Run

The Kuching Rotary Charity Run will take place on Sunday, February 26.

The race is open to participants aged 7 and above, with a three different categories namely the 2km, 5km and 8km category.

The race begins at Cityone Megamall Kuching, and virtual runners are also welcome to join as proceeds from the run will be donated to various charities throughout Kuching city.

For more information, or to register for the race, visit 

Image shows Kuching Rotary Charity Run 2017 poster and details. Photo Credit: Kuching Central Rotary.
Image shows Kuching Rotary Charity Run 2017 poster and details. Photo Credit: Kuching Central Rotary.

UCSI Hotel Ready For Takeoff?

The USCI Hotel, located opposite the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) at the Isthmus Commercial Hub, will soon be opened.

The Hotel has been a long awaited addition to the Isthmus Commercial Hub as the preferred hotel for conventions taking place at BCCK and will be having its first ‘hardhat walkthrough’ later this month with members of the tourism industry.

The Isthmus is an effort by the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, creating a centralised area for conventions and business tourism, not too far from the city centre.

It is an ongoing development plan which is estimated to be completed by the year 2020.

Image shows UCSI Hotel Concept Rendition, Photo credit: UCSI Group
Image shows UCSI Hotel Concept Rendition, Photo credit: UCSI Group

Busy February for Sarawak Tourism

Sarawak Tourism will have a February as its officers will attend the Flight Centre Travel Expo 2017 in Sydney and Melbourne as well the TTC Travel Mart in Jakarta and Surabaya.

Having recently attended the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) in Singapore this January, Sarawak Tourism is showing a sustained interest in its closest and largest markets, namely Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

The Flight Centre Travel Expo 2017 takes place on February 4 to 12 and is a consumer travel expo where tourism industry sellers meet with potential customers, where Sarawak Tourism can encourage travel and increase awareness of Sarawak as a tourist destination.

The TTC Travel Mart takes place on February 20 to 22, and is a B2B event where international tour industry sellers can meet with local buyers to discuss new business ventures.

Sarawak Tourism has many other travel fairs lined up for the year 2017.

Image shows Sarawak Tourism industry partners at ASEAN Tourism Forum, the first Travel Fair of 2017.
Image shows Sarawak Tourism industry partners at ASEAN Tourism Forum, the first Travel Fair of 2017.

3D Art Display at Borneo House Museum

The Borneo House Museum interactive 3D Art Display is now officially opened.

The museum showcases Sarawak’s nature, culture, heritage and food in a new and interactive way providing an experience.

The museum comprises four Zones; Sarawak’s Nature, Old Sarawak, Sarawak Today and Sarawak’s Iconic Food.   

All the murals, art pieces and displays are a combined effort of Sarawakian artists, some of whom have direct connections to the history they are recreating in the museum.

Plans are underway to extend the museum to include more extensive historical displays from the Brooke and World War Two eras.

For more information, contact [email protected]

Image shows tourist at the interactive Borneo House Museum. Photo Credit: Henerita Saran
Image shows tourist at the interactive Borneo House Museum. Photo Credit: Henerita Saran

Sarawak Best Travel Destination for Nature

Sarawak has been presented the ‘Best for Nature’ Award in Travel Journal’s Travel Awards 2017.

Through a Travel Journal readership survey, a poll was taken for the best destinations in the world and Sarawak won ‘Best for Nature’ for its environment-centered tour and travel packages, ongoing conservation tourism as well as its unique and irreplaceable nature destinations which are a balance of authentic and preserved, and modern connectivity.

Three national parks were singled out as exemplary travel spots for nature lovers, specifically Gunung Mulu National Park, Batang Ai National Park and Bako National Park.

Gunung Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its flora, fauna and cave systems, while Batang Ai and Bako National Park are known as sanctuaries for Sarawak’s endangered rare primates, the orang utans and Proboscis monkeys.

Image shows caver at Mulu National Park’s Clearwater Cave.
Image shows caver at Mulu National Park’s Clearwater Cave.