Visit Sibu Year 2017

This year rings in the new Visit Sibu Year initiative which was launched in March 2016.

Sibu has many hidden attractions, the most popular of which is the food trail that begins at the large fresh market in the centre of town and weaves through backroads to the next delicacy, with the Sibu Street Art marking the way.

The Sibu Street Art peppered throughout the town, display the significant moments in Sibu’s history as well as significant foods and art within the town, depicting its cultural heritage.

The Borneo Cultural Festival in July as well as the sixth Sibu International Dance Festival in August, display the cultural and ethnic diversity that can be found in Sibu, while also encouraging the preservation of those cultures.

Sibu is less than an hour from some of the oldest longhouse communities in Sarawak, with various competitive races throughout the year including remote control boat racing, as well as the Sibu Bike Week which has brought big bikers from around the world to careen the streets of Sibu.

A unique mix of people, lifestyles and attractions, Sibu is definitely a must-visit in 2017.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Wikipedia
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