The 9th International Bornean Frog Race 2021

Sarawak holds the greatest number of national parks and nature reserves. It is undeniably an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts, birdwatchers and nature photographers. However, there is an urgent need for conservation projects to protect the richly diverse ecosystem.

Among the conservation efforts to raise awareness and research on the amphibians of Borneo is the annual International Bornean Frog Race. This year, the 9th International Bornean Frog Race 2021 will be held virtually with monthly webinars and virtual photographic competition that will run for 90 days from 1st September 2021 – 29 November 2021 with the objective to highlight Borneo’s biodiversity and the region’s threatened amphibians.

Approximately 190 amphibian species are recorded in Borneo and 140 species are endemic to the island, including the Matang Narrow-mouthed frog, the second smallest frog in the world and also Bornean Horned Frog, Wallace’s Flying Frog and White-eared Tree Frog. It is not too late for nature lovers or photography enthusiasts to participate in the 90-day virtual photographic competition race. It is also a great opportunity for you to unwind and reconnect with nature.

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Bornean Horned Frog
Photo by Tan Song Wei

Wallace’s Flying Frog
Photo by Tan Song Wei

White-eared Tree Frog
Photo by Tan Song Wei
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