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Sarawak Travel Vlog: Borneo’s Traditional Hand-Tapped Tattoo

Sarawak is definitely a place like no other. With ancient histories passed down from generations, crafting the people’s daily life, Sarawak is a destination home to where traditional heritage and culture still lives until today.

Ever wonder why some local tribes have tattoos around their bodies? One might say it is for decoration purposes, but it’s actually more than meets the eye.


The tattoos tell the stories of the bearer’s life. They can represent knowledge and their life achievements. Tattoos are not just for men as the Iban women have tattoos around their bodies as well.

The tattoo artist uses two sticks, one with a needle attached at the end and the other, a plain piece of stick to tap the one with the needle attached at the end, repeatedly diving the needle into the skin.

Hence, Sarawak Tourism Board will present you another side of Sarawak’s unique culture and heritage, not known to many but is enough to entice tattoo lovers out there.

To know more, check out our Facebook Page, Sarawak Travel, Malaysia Borneo or watch the full video on our Youtube Channel, and stay tune for new episodes bi-weekly.

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