KUCHING: What About Kuching (WAK) is back for its third edition this year and it will be held from September 28 to October 27.

The month-long festival is where the city’s arts, culture and lifestyle will take a centre stage and most of events will be held in and around Kuching. 

To brighten up the spirit of Kuching, #WAK2019 will dish out events including the 5th Borneo International Beads Conference, WAK Music Portal , Sarawakiana Carnival, Blank Spaces, to name a few.

The WAK’s calendar of activities and events will be revealed on August 9 and for more information, please log on to https://aboutkuching.com/



KUCHING: The Annual Kuching Festival, with a total of 281 food and 11 trade fair stalls, a garden corner and a large stage for nightly performances, is now happening at the Kuching City South Council compound for 24 consecutive nights starting from 6.00pm until 11.00pm nightly from July 26 to August 16, 2019.  

This year’s food fair with choice delicacies ranging from traditional, modern to fusion.  Celebrated as part of a programme for the Kuching City 31st Anniversary Carnival, the Kuching Festival is organised by Kuching City South Council to commemorate the Kuching City status which was announced on August 1, 1988.  This festival is held annually to boost the local tourism and food industry with this year’s theme, “Happy Kuching”.

This year edition of the food fair is introducing SarawakPay, the State’s online payment system aimed to encourage customers going cashless when purchasing food and products on sale.

Photo shows visitors at Kuching Festival
Photo shows visitors at Kuching Festival


MIRI- With sports fishing fast gaining popularity in Miri, anglers can now enjoy and experience deep sea fishing with the availability of the cruise boat, Seamax Explorer available for rental.

Armed with an experienced crew on board, this specially designed fishing cruise boat   caters up to 20 passengers including crew and captain at one time.

It is recommended that the best season for sea fishing is during the months of March till October.

For those interested to charter the Seamax Explorer for offshore fishing trip expeditions, please contact Mr Vincent Lo Kiun Sin – Miri Anglers Club (Secretary) at 6017 – 802 9002.

Photo shows the Seamax Explorer
Photo shows the Seamax Explorer


KUCHING – Missing this year’s Rainforest World Music Festival? Not to worry as the 23rd edition of RWMF will be on July 10 to 12 next year.

As Sarawak’s headliner tourism attraction, the festival has proven itself to be more than just a music festival but a weekend fiesta celebrated by both locals and tourists.

A capacity crowd of 23,650 was clocked in on the final hour of the festival this year with the largest turn out to be on Saturday night.

The festival program, including the wellness activities, sape’ and percussion tutorials, cultural talks, crafts bazaar and the daily late evening Gathering of the Tribes and the drum circles, had received good ratings from audience.

A new addition this year was the Indigenous Stage which featured bands and groups showcasing unique tribal culture in an informal outdoor setting.

Also introduced this year were the DJ sets with three different world themes such as reggae, bangra and Russian Romps that entertained festival-goers at after-party DJ session.

In line with Sarawak Tourism Board’s initiative on responsible tourism, the Go Green campaign this year had included the discouraging of usage of plastic bottled water and having water dispensers at strategic locations at the festival venue, Spativate’s  eye-catching designs waste bins and Biji-Biji’s waste collection meant for composting and also the  tree planting  at the nearby Pantai Puteri, Santubong.

Twenty two years ago, the RWMF began with very small gathering of 300 people  and fast forward, it had gained worldwide recognition having won multiple awards including putting itself into the Top 8 of the Transglobal World Music Chart for Festival Award.

Photo shows official date for 23rd edition of Rainforest World Music Festival on July 10 -12, 2020.
Photo shows official date for 23rd edition of Rainforest World Music Festival on July 10 -12, 2020.

Borneo Hammock Gathering 2019

Hammock is define as a canvas tied with rope and supported by cords at both ends and this gives meaning to an inaugural gathering as Sarawak’s event for July.

This year, Hammock Malaysia will organize their gathering at Pantai Belawai, Tanjung Manis from August 2 -4.

Borneo Hammock Gathering will bring together everyone, with highlights to feature cultural performance, games, sharing experience and travel tips.

For those interested in the gathering, please link to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/181AbyGrbeWyCPPGU


Month Of July, Month Of Celebration

July is here with full of activities, entertainment, in celebration of arts, cultures, foods and festivals.

The month of July will kick start with the first ever Rainforest In the City to be staged from July 2 – 11.

The Rainforest Fringe Festival from July 5 – 12, presenting the best of Sarawak, will showcase music, arts, crafts, films, photography, food and culture. This event is happening throughout the Kuching city.

The 22nd Edition of Rainforest World Music Festival, to be held from July 12 – 14 at Sarawak Cultural Village in Damai, will see 30 countries, 30 nationalities and 200 performers from over the world sharing one stage to showcase culture, arts, music and heritage.

To conclude the month of July, the 14th Edition of the Borneo Jazz festival will be held from July 19-21 at Coco Cabana, Miri, featuring a series of international world renowned artistes, such as “Crazy Rich Asian” Jasmine Chen, Malaysian R&B singer Najwa and hip-hop ambassador Joe Flizzow and DJ Maestro from Amsterdam. For Info and tickets sales can log on to sarawaktourism.com




Kuching: #UrBins X RWMF a pilot project by a local social enterprise, Spativate, is aimed to inspire members of the public on the importance of care of the environment. It was launched on June 29 at the Kuching Waterfront.

The green initiative gave different angle about “rubbish”, and how one can be environment friendly.

This initiative, supported by the Sarawak Tourism Board is to create and give meaningful functions to the bins with creativity and “soul” added to it to make it something practical and integral in our daily lives.

15 unique and attractive bins were revealed near the waterfront steamship building during the launch, with all designs bringing motives of cool, fun and educating.

Chief Executive Officer of the Sarawak Tourism Board, Sharzede Datu Haji Salleh Askor thanked Spativate for the initiative and hoped that other agencies and organizations would be able to emulate such green initiatives.

15 “#UrBins” will be placed at Rainforest World Music Festival’s venue at the Sarawak Cultural Village throughout the festival period and after the festival, the bins will be placed throughout the various tourist attractions in the city for local and visitors to view.

Sharzede Datu Haji Salleh Askor (Center) with Seph Haini, founder of Spativate (on her right) posing with 15 #UrBins and Urbinists
Sharzede Datu Haji Salleh Askor (Center) with Seph Haini, founder of Spativate (on her right) posing with 15 #UrBins and Urbinists

Rainforest In The City: July Month Of Celebration

Kuching: To kicks off July, the Rainforest in the City, first ever event of such nature to be held in Sarawak, will feature the “rainforest experience” to the city folks and visitors from July 2 to 11.

The event will highlight Culture, Adventure, Nature, Food and Festivals of Sarawak, augmented with music, lights and enhanced with display of technology.

Hosted by Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports in collaboration with Sarawak Tourism Board, it is aimed to enhance and hype the awareness and as a prelude to the Rainforest World Music Festival that will held on July 12 – 14.

RITC will light up the Kuching Amphitheater where immersive installations of light display of Forest Projection Mapping, LED Tree, “Tunnel of Life” and LED Light Balls are complemented by music shows.  

Entertainment and performances await audience with musical group like At Adau, Swaiv, Pinanak Sentah, Raban Kenyalang, Warisan Budaya Melayu Sarawak and more to fill the night of entertainment.

Entrance is free and is an open public event.


Pesta Nukenen Bario 2019

July 25, 2019 – July 27, 2019

“Pesta Nukenen” celebrates the most unique Sarawak’s ethnic food and cultural festivals, with three days of feasting in celebration of local heritage with tourists and locals.

The festival presents the local culinary, farming and cultural inheritance of the Bario Highlands in Northern Sarawak. It celebrates the last surviving traditionally farmed and forested highland watersheds in Sarawak. Enjoy the delicacy of organic home cooked food by the longhouse communities of the Kelabit Highlands.

Founded in 2005 as a community-owned and funded food and cultural festival it offers plenty side activities such as traditional games and dances by the young and old.

For more information on Pesta Nukenen, visit https://www.facebook.com/bariofoodfestival/

Picture shows various traditional delicacy Pesta Nukenen offers to foreign tourists and also locals.
Picture shows various traditional delicacy Pesta Nukenen offers to foreign tourists and also locals


Star Clipper Made A Stop at Senari Port

The Star Clipper with a capacity of 170 passengers including 74 crews from Star Clipper Monaco arrived at Senari Port, Kuching on 3 June.

The ship was on its 10 nights “eastbound” journey, starting from Kota Kinabalu, Pulau Tiga, Bandar Seri Begawan, Miri, and Kuching with its journey ending at Nongsa Point, Singapore.

The cruise passengers were given a Sarawak traditional welcoming ceremony by 10 member’s cultural troupe from Sarawak Tourism Board with series of cultural dance performances to introduce the uniqueness and diversity in Sarawak.

While in the city, they also had a chance to visit the Semenggoh Nature Reserve for feeding Orang Utan and Bako National Park to visit the beautiful rainforest and mesmerizing the nature.

The Star Clipper will be making another two trips to Sarawak this year and the ship will sail to Miri port for the first time.

Picture shows the Star Clipper cruise passengers being entertained by the STB cultural troupe on board the ship.
Picture shows the Star Clipper cruise passengers being entertained by the STB cultural troupe on board the ship.