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Miri AfroLatin Fiesta 2019

Miri AfroLatin Fiesta 2019 will be held on February 28 to March 3.

Miri AfroLatin Fiesta is a dance event that gathers International dance artists from USA, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Kenya, Australia etc, who will organize Afro Latin dance workshops in the seaside city of Miri.

This dance event gathers international dance artists such as Salsa, Semba, Bachata, Pachanga and Kizomba, are dances that originate from communities with African and Latin backgrounds.

Part of the attraction of this genre of dance, aside from the fast-paced fun and fitness aspects, are the flexibility and diversity: These are dances that can be danced alone, as a couple, or even in a group.

This event becomes a fun attraction for locals and visitors alike who need a day to let loose and maybe learn a dance or two in the process.

Visit their Facebook page here for updates.

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