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Kuching Heritage Trail

The Kuching Heritage Trail, showcasing the State’s historical and cultural legacy of beautiful Chinese and Malay architecture and colonial buildings from the Brookes’ era, is a testimonial to Kuching’s rich heritage dating back to the 19th century.

At the oldest temples in Kuching along the waterfront, travellers can learn a little about the religion of the first Chinese settlers in the city whose religious beliefs are still practised to this day.

Here, history continues in the daily lives of the shop-owners, descended from the original tin craftsmen and traditional medicine vendors, and who continue to market their wares as they had generations ago.

The Museum caps the trail, with galleries displaying art and lifestyles of the local tribes, including life-sized replicas of traditional houses so travellers can truly experience what it felt like to live in the ‘olden days’ of Sarawak.

Image shows a Chinese Temple in Kuching. Photo Credit: Füzzy Mijmark


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