Exploring the Upper Reaches of The Sarawak River

Kayaking, a water sport which involves paddling using a double-bladed oar and a kayak, has been gaining popularity as one of the must-try activities among adventure lovers and thrill seekers while visiting Sarawak.

The experience will become more valuable when kayaking and enjoying the beautiful sight of our Borneo rainforest canopy, encountering wildlife and sharing the experiences with the people of the area. 

The package started out as a family-based business in 2011, the Semadang Borneo Adventure, also known as Semadang Kayak, features their tour focusing on adventures along the Upper Sarawak River with products ranging from river kayaking, bamboo rafting, caving and jungle trekking.

Semadang Kayak has well trained, friendly professional staff and certified guides to ensure the safety of all their guests during any of its activities.

With the risk assessments duly undertaken, Semadang Kayak has been consistently providing an adventure of a lifetime for all guests.

With their motto, “Arrive as guests and leave as a friend”, Semadang Kayak provides a personalised service and having you to leave home with memorable experiences in Borneo.

At present, tours have been temporarily suspended since March 18 to adhere with the government’s decision of the restricted movement order due to the current Covid-19 outbreak.

To know more, visit its homepage  at https://www.semadangkayak.com/ to get an insight of what are the tours and adventures available.

Picture shows the kayaking and bamboo rafting tour. (Photo courtesy of Semadang Kayak)
Picture shows the kayaking and bamboo rafting tour.
(Photo courtesy of Semadang Kayak)
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