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2023 World Music Festival Showcase in Taiwan

  • Diverse Global Sounds Converge: Highlights from 2023 World Music Festival Showcase in Taiwan
  • Taiwan’s Global Music Magnetism: Unveiling Anticipation for 2023 World Music Festival@Taiwan
  • Resonating Worldwide: Unveiling Anticipation for 2023 World Music Festival@Taiwan
  • Meet the Sounds Worldwide in the Small Island: 2023 World Music Festival@Taiwan
  • Glimpses of 2023 World Music Festival @Taiwan: Larger Scale with Frameless Music Party
  • Echoes of Diversity: A Global Musical Journey through 2023 World Music Festival@TaiwanAbout one and a half months later, 2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan will take place on Oct.12-15, 2023 at the Taipei Music Center. The festival is divided into 2 major parts, one is Going Global Trade Fair during Oct.12-13, and the other is Our World Music Festival during Oct.14-15.

The topic of 2023WMF@Taiwan is “Make your frameless world!”, which means connecting the world to Taiwan through experiencing the frameless borderless music and cultures, and creating an outstanding future with YOU.

Different from the past years, it’s the first time an open call for international musicians on Showcase. The results showed active participation, there were 55 Taiwanese groups and 53 foreign groups applied from 31 different countries, including 6 from America, 14 from Asia, 7 from Europe, 3 from Africa, and 1 from Oceania.

The 13 final confirmed list (8 from Taiwan and 5 from abroad) will come out soon, they will perform live on Oct.11-12 and be watched by 11 international delegates. It’s a perfect chance for the groups to go all out for the live performance to show their skills and interaction with the audience, and we look forward to hearing more different sounds at the 2023WMF@Taiwan. Let’s wait for the up-and-coming stars.

Besides the 13 Showcase shows, the Performance Lineup this year is diverse more than ever. We called up musicians from Taiwan to the world, including Outlet Drift and Joanna Wang from Taiwan, ADG7 from South Korea, Hitoto Yo from Japan, Balaklava Blues from Ukraine and Canada, and more. There is a total of 24 Taiwanese and international groups will perform through various music formats, consist of 4 immersive parties with music and scents, 2 international co-production shows, one is by Ohelen (KR) and Leaf Yeh (TW), their debut show is on the upcoming Seoul Music Week, and the other is Hitoto Yo (JP) with Sangpuy (TW) and Tzu-lung Hung (TW). We believe that the audience will see the astonishing sparkles during the four days and witness the miracle of cultural exchanges.

Beyond the exceptional performances, we are also offering a range of peripheral activities such as interactive drumming shows, music and dance workshops, and nearly 100 exotic stalls showcasing crafts and cuisines from around the world. The festival ambiance will be reminiscent of a Grand Carnival, featuring an assortment of world-class music and parties. Join us for a splendid celebration of music, where categories cease to exist.

We look forward to welcoming people from all nations to come together in shared joy. See you all at the World Music Festival, where cultures unite and music takes center stage.

Don’t forget to visit Sarawak Tourism Booth and get to know more on the iconic Rainforest World Music Festival on 13 to 15 October 2023. Visit www.sarawaktourism.com and www.rwmf.net for more information”

❖ 2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan will be on Oct.12-15 at Taipei Music Center.

➤ 10/12-13|Going Global!
( Trade Fair, Showcase, Forums, Networking, and Speed Meeting)

➤ 10/14-15|Our World Music Festival
(Trade Fair, Performances, Bazaars, Workshops, and more…)

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