More International Flights

The inaugural flights for the Kuching-Shenzen direct route and the Pontianak-Miri direct route will be taking place in December.

The Pontianak-Miri flight will be launched on December 12 while the Kuching-Shenzen inaugural flight is on December 26.

This direct flight is expected to increase the number of visitor arrivals in 2018 from Indonesia and China, while at the same time generate income for local transportation, Food and Beverage and related industries.


Sarawak Tourism Industry Syndication

The Sarawak Tourism Industry Syndication ‘road tour’ began in Kuching on November 24, before moving on to Miri and Sibu on November 27 and 28 respectively.

The Syndication held annually is aimed  to touch base with local industry partners, renewing agreements and taking feedback as well as reviewing plans for 2018, with the aim of increasing visitor arrivals and tourism revenue into Sarawak.

The Sarawak Tourism Board renewed its marketing commitments from previous years while also taking suggestions on how to spearhead Sarawak’s tourism promotion to the world in the years to come.