Photo Library

Sarawak Tourism Board will launch its first digital photo library on September 23.

The Library intends to provide an archive of free professional images of different tourist attractions in Sarawak to the public which will include images of landscapes, buildings, animals, plants, food and people endemic to Sarawak.

It can be accessed at and can be freely used with credit mention to Sarawak Tourism Board by tourism partners and media, students and individuals whose interest relate to the tourism industry.

The Photo Library was set up in the hopes of promoting Sarawak’s main attractions through impressive images that encapsulate the uniqueness of Sarawak as a tourism destination.

While the database will be available for viewing without fees, copyright will remain under Sarawak Tourism Board and users are required to fulfill the online registration upon downloading the full high-definition images, in order to monitor the circulation of those images.


Sarawak Tourism Board newly appointed Chairman and CEO

Sarawak Tourism Board has appointed Hon. Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab Bin Aziz as the new chairman effective August 2016. The appointment is for a period of two years.

Hon. Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab Bin Aziz has served as the Assistant Minister of Land Development prior to his appointment as the Chairman of the Housing Development Board from 2005 to 2011.

His appointment and the appointment of the new Board of Directors is for the two-year term until 2018.

The Board also announced that with effect from August 2016, Mdm. Mary Wan Mering has been appointed as the acting Chief Executive Officer.

For details of the new Board of Directors, please link to

Seated far right : Chairman ,Hon. Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab Bin Aziz
Seated far right : Chairman ,Hon. Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab Bin Aziz